Benefits and features

Benefits and features

Lumi-Plugin's modular and versatile design features, combined with its world-class durability and reliability, means it brings real benefits wherever it's used.

Benefits and features

Saves lives and properties

Lumi-Plugin is designed to save lives and properties in the event of fire. With its combination of various plugins, you are able to tailor your needs to meet your fire safety requirements.

Streamline the ceiling

Traditionally, conventional fire sprinkler systems, fire detection and emergency lights all compete with room lighting for the same place on the ceiling. Now they no longer have to.

50,000 hours – 5 years

With 50,000 hours of usage lasting up to 5 years, if not longer, you can be assured of the safety of your home or commercial property when using Lumi-Plugin.

Aesthetically pleasing

The compact and simplistic design of Lumi-Plugin allows it to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings without disrupting the interior of your home or property.

Lower costs

Lumi-Plugin's multi-functional design reduces the installation costs as only one system needs to be installed rather than various systems in multiple places. Further savings will be made as the low voltage LEDs and PIR sensor plugins will ensure energy savings and running costs.


Lumi-Plugin is a great product that incorporates low voltage lighting with either fire suppression, fire detection and/or 3 hours emergency lighting in a stylish luminaire that will help streamline ceiling spaces. These luminaires can also host PIR sensors.

Smart AI

Coming Soon - Lumi-Plugin will soon enable you to control the lights using your voice! This will work with all major Virtual Assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and HomePod.

Beautiful simplicity

Drag the slider to see the difference Lumi-Plugin makes to a ceiling.

Product features

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IP65 Rating

With an IP65 rating Lumi-Plugin is fully dust proof and water resistant to ensure the longevity of the product. This allows the downlight to be used in a Zone 1 setting.


Fire Rated 30/60/90

Lumi-Plugin has passed the BS EN 1365-2:2014 fire test standard in 30/60/90 minutes at the world famous Building Research Establishment (BRE) based in Watford.


Emergency Lighting

Lumi-Plugin has designed an emergency lighting system that provides you with visibility lasting for up to 3 hours, giving you the time you need to get to a place of safety.


Warm or Cool White

Lumi-Plugin's dimmable warm or cool white lights are suitable for both domestic or commercial properties.