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Focus on Heat Alarms

Heat Alarm

Heat alarms are designed to alarm when they sense a certain temperature, and are less sensitive to humidity and insects. They will not react to smoke and should not be used to replace alarms, rather to supplement your system in certain locations where they are preferred, such as in a kitchen, garage or loft.

Locations of alarms must be compliant with either BS 5839: Part 6 or relevant Building Regulations if in any doubt. This alarm is not intended for any non-residential, commercial or industrial application, nor for any other purpose other than described in the above. For the best protection, heat alarms should always be installed as part of a complete fire protection system that includes smoke alarms.

Where should you install one?

  • Kitchen
  • Loft
  • Garage
  • Boiler Room

How does a Heat Alarm work?

A heat alarm is designed to detect heat instead of smoke, the alarm contains a thermistor which is set to respond to temperatures above 58°C.

When a fire breaks out hot air from the fire will rise and enter the sensor chamber. When temperature inside the chamber reaches 58°C a signal is sent to the integrated circuit which causes the alarm to sound alerting the occupants to the fire.

Installation of a Heat Alarm:

Make sure you:

  • Install heat alarms on the ceiling, ideally in the centre of the room.
  • Install sufficient alarms to compensate for closed doors and obstacles.
  • Install your heat alarm at a distance no greater than 5.3 m from the farthest wall, no greater than 5.3 m from a door to any room in which a fire might start and no greater than 5.3 m from the next heat or smoke alarm.

The benefits of having a Heat Alarm system are clear:

The main advantage of installing heat alarms is the early warning benefit. Early warning is essential to effective fire safety because fires can occur anytime and anyplace. We highly recommend having heat alarms installed in your home because a fire can ignite even when people are not within a room or section of the building.

Mains Powered Heat Alarm Downlight

The Lumi-Plugin Downlight has been designed to integrate a main powered heat alarm.

The heat alarm can also be wirelessly linked to the mains powered smoke alarm as well as connecting to the rest of the Cavius Wireless Family.

  • Warm or Cool White – Lumi-Plugin’s dimmable warm or cool white lights are suitable for both domestic or commercial properties. Please note: The Lumi-Plugin heat alarms have been developed for domestic use only.
  • Fire Rated 30/60/90 – Lumi-Plugin has passed the BS EN 1365-2:2014 fire test standard in 30/60/90 minutes at the world-famous Building Research Establishment (BRE) based in Watford.
  • Warranty – Lumi-Plugin’s mains powered heat alarm comes with a 2-year warranty but the downlight comes with a 5 year/50,000 hours warranty.

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