Beckham Place

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Client: Chipro Homes

Main Contractor: TBC

Completion Date: 2021

Project: 8 Residential Houses

Location: Norwich, Norfolk


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Products: Lumi-Plugin Downlights, Lumi-Plugin + Sprinklers, Lumi-Plugin + Smoke Alarms, Lumi-Plugin + Heat Alarms, Lumi-Plugin + PIR Sensors and Lumi-Plugin + CO Alarms.

  • 600 Lumens
  • Low Voltage
  • Energy Rating A+
  • Fire Rated 30/60/90
  • IP65 Rating
  • Interchangeable Plugins
  • World’s Smallest Smoke Alarm
  • World’s Smallest Heat Alarm
  • Battery Back-up
  • Wireless Connectivity


The Challenge


To create beautiful open-plan living spaces that are both aesthetically and technically sophisticated for a vibrant, new neighbourhood. Each 3-bedroom house will have its own private garden, parking spaces, recharging points for electric cars and cycle storage.

The Solution

The Solution

Lumi-Plugin downlights with innovative, interchangeable plugins were invented for the open-plan interiors of these homes. Each townhouse will have Lumi-Plugin installed to seamlessly integrate essential life-saving and energy-efficiency systems into beautiful downlighting – keeping all ceilings uncluttered and the property safe.

All lighting and fire safety Plugins will be expertly fitted to comply with building regulations and ensure professional, streamlined results. Plugins for this project will include the world’s smallest Smoke Alarms and Heat Alarms, Sprinklers, CO Alarms, and PIR Sensors.