Goodbye Covid-19 lockdown. Hello again, Lumi-Plugin HQ.

With face masks on and elbow-bumps at the ready, we’re pleased to be back in the office and getting used to our new normal. Thankfully, working from home over the last few months has been very productive for our team. Meetings and calls via Zoom and Microsoft Teams have kept us in contact with our clients and helped to push our projects forwards. But, we’re really excited to be able to start having face-to-face meetings again soon. If you’d like to arrange a meeting with us, please get in touch – we’ll take every precaution to ensure everyone attending is safe.

What’s new with the Lumi-Plugin team?

Well, Bob Ward has been overseeing his renovation project, and the kitchen is now finished. As you’d expect, Lumi-Plugin downlights have been fitted; streamlining the ceiling beautifully by integrating the essential heat alarms and sprinklers discreetly.  

Drivers beware, there’s another rider on the road. Tom Martin has taken up cycling. And yes, wearing Lycra. With all the gear, he claims it’s great idea to get outside, clear your mind, stay fit, and escape the house for an hour or two.

There’s a new arrival in Ben Bishop’s home: a black Labrador puppy. So when he’s not at his desk, Ben is busy walking and training Billy. If you’re are ever in the office you might be lucky enough to meet her – especially if it’s ‘take your pup to work day’.

Lockdown has given Greg Speed the opportunity to spend some quality time with his young family while he worked from home. Recently, social-distancing restrictions have lifted, so he’s back out on his motocross bike and loving the freedom.

There’s someone new we’d like to introduce you to. We’re pleased to welcome Ken Smith to our Board of Directors. After qualifying with Deloitte UK, in Glasgow, Ken worked at the firm’s practice in Kenya for four years. He then returned to the UK as CFO of Alphameric plc – a listed IT technology group. In 2008, Ken joined Clarity Commerce Solutions plc, and later became CEO to oversee the businesses during a complex turnaround – the business was acquired in 2011. Kens most recent role was as Chairman of Memset Ltd, an award-winning Data Centre business, sold to a large plc in March 2020. As you can see, Ken joins us with a wealth of business knowledge and will be assisting us with all our financial matters – from current and future investors, to reminding everyone that if we want to save more lives we need to sell more lights – it’s always important to us that we get this ‘work/lives’ balance right.

New stock has arrived.

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for – our new, next-generation LP110 range has landed, and we’ve already sold 80%. But don’t worry, more stock is on its way and will be available in the next few weeks.

We’re always working hard to make Lumi-Plugin as easy as possible to get hold of. That’s why we’re pleased to report, LP110 downlights and plugins are now available through Safelincs Fire & Safety Solutions – open 7 days a week with a low-cost delivery service to help you get everything you need, fast – click here to buy.

With Lumi-Plugin now being installed in more and more interesting properties across the country, we’ll have some exciting projects to update you on very soon. Keep an eye on our case studies page to follow our developments and see how Lumi-Plugin illuminates and transforms each space.

Thanks for reading, we’ll update you will more news soon. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear all about it.