Lumi-Plugin partner with Lightwave to offer a complete smart home automation solution that enhances your lighting and lifestyle.

Dim your downlights - just say the word.

Installing Lumi-Plugin with Lightwave smart devices gives you complete control of your lighting, appliances and more – all from your smartphone, tablet, or by the sound of your voice.

Lightwave’s ‘Automations’ lets you customise and set your favourite lighting scenes which can be recalled through a voice command; “Alexa, it’s movie time”. You can also create timers to automatically switch lights on/off when you are out, and turn your dimmer switch into a magic button that sends wireless commands to any other Lightwave device within the property without the need for multi-way wiring.

Lightwave offers an innovative and uniquely flexible way to control your Lumi-Plugin system.

Switch to smarter

  • Compatible with Lumi-Plugin dimmable LED downlights.
  • Stylish, scalable and flexible modular system.
  • Simple to install and easy to use – based on ‘retrofit’ technology which uses the same wiring and backboxes as standard fittings.
  • Controlled by traditional manual buttons, via the App or voice control using Apple, Google or Amazon voice assistants.
  • Electronic dimmers are some of the most advanced available and automatically calibrate to adjust to the loads that are apportioned to them.
  • All Lightwave devices come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Established as one of the first consumer home automation brands over 12 years ago, Lightwave is designed and built in the UK.


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Easy to use

Sleek, stylish and affordable, with class-leading performance, Lightwave’s built-in wireless technology also allows you to turn off appliances, set temperatures, monitor your energy use, and even set ‘automations’ to turn devices on or of automatically – giving you peace of mind you haven’t left lights or appliances on that shouldn’t be on.

Lightwave Link Plus hub is plug & play and allows you to control as many Lightwave devices as you need.

Lightwave App. Simply download the Lightwave App to your smartphone and control your Lightwave devices. Anytime. Anywhere. The App monitors the status of your Lightwave devices, and how much power they are using.

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