Why is a tough client THE best thing for your business?

In any business, the way to progress and stay on the ball is to constantly seek new ways to improve your offering and the best ways to tell your customers about them.

The difference for any innovative start-up business is they need to do this – but faster. You may have a completely unique product or service that’s never been done before or that challenges the norm and changes the way your industry works for the better. Either way, you’d like an easy ride, where everyone instantly knows and loves your product, right?

Why wouldn’t you? You believe in your offering – it’s your creation, your baby. Even your prospective customers may agree that it’s an awesome solution and say, ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?!’. But don’t be fooled, you still run the risk of becoming ‘stuck in the mud’ if you don’t consider the honest (and sometimes harsh) words from your critics.

The reality is it takes the same hard work and perseverance to push forwards and keep improving your business as it took you to start it. And, that’s why a tough client can sometimes be just what your business needs.

A tough client will ultimately lead to a sky-rocket in your company’s progress by bringing your attention to the flaws in either: the offering you currently have or the way you’ve been delivering your message.

Take Lumi-Plugin for example. We have a totally unique, game-changing product range that has the ability to strip away up to 61% of ceiling fixtures from view in new build developments. Our innovative downlight conceals essential fire alarms, sprinkler heads, emergency lighting and more to remove clutter and create seamless interiors. Genius, right?

Well, back in early 2020, prior to the launch of our Gen 2 product range, with its sleek new design and exciting new features (and way before Covid-19 was ‘a thing’), we started hitting the roads in search of property developers and contractors to share our innovation and vision with.

Our communications prioritised just one USP: the high-quality aesthetics. 99% of the industry professionals we talked to were in complete agreement – they loved it. However, it was the individuals who were harder to convince that made us realise there was a better way. As soon as we began sharing the full range of benefits that Lumi-Plugin offers, a whole new avenue of sales opened up for us.

After some intense meetings with rigorous questioning, which at times felt like an interrogation, we are now equipped with the answers and results to build stronger relationships. We have the facts and stats to back up our statements, the data that proves our superiority over competitors and ultimately, the motivation that keeps us progressing, every day.

Tom’s final thought:
Never run away from the conversations or battles that may not fare well, instead welcome them openly – it’s always good to get a fresh perspective. And, let’s be honest, the person on the other side of the table (or Zoom call, nowadays) might just be having a bad day. Listen to what they have to say and encourage yourself to find a solution – it’ll serve you well for a rainy day.

We look forward to sharing more insights in future Team Talks – let us know if there is a specific area you’d like to know more about.

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