Our story

In 2009 Bob Ward, a retired fire fighter from the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service, was contacted by a gentleman who tragically lost two members of his family in the Newquay, Penhallow Hotel fire in August 2007. He was able to help the family understand the documentation and the questions they needed to ask at the inquest, and later assisted in the lead up to the Crown Court case which was deemed a travesty. In 2011 the hotel owners were only fined £80,000 and ordered to pay £62,000 costs for failing to meet fire safety standards.

After this tragedy, Bob pledged that he would find a way to ensure that those family members had not died in vain – he would find a way for people to ‘sleep safe’. It would be a further 4 years before circumstances allowed him to develop his idea and Sleep Safe Systems Limited was born from that pledge. In 2017 the Lumi-Plugin product was launched to fulfil his promise.

Our Values

Saving lives

Our first priority is to save lives. This is what inspires us to go to work every day, drives us to always look for ways to improve what we do and provides us with the high standards we seek to achieve.

Innovation and making a difference

We want to challenge the status quo. Constantly evolving technology gives us the opportunity to vastly improve on existing systems, and take fire safety and its place in interior design to the next level by making it smart, flexible and attractive.

Being genuine

We’re honest, caring and passionate. Yes, we’re a business, but our guiding motives are not just profit, but to also always deliver a product and service to the best of our abilities.

Being determined and driven

We’re ambitious, focused and committed. We push ourselves to deliver the best every day and channel our energy and enthusiasm into the business.