Discover how one space-saving design challenge inspired one of the world’s most innovative life-saving, energy-saving, and cost-saving inventions

Design with purpose

In 2009, Bob Ward – a fire safety consultant, and retired fire fighter from the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service – was asked to share his fire prevention expertise for a new, open-plan housing development.

The interior designers wanted to prioritise elegant lighting for their minimalistic aesthetic over the installation of an essential – but unsightly – fire sprinkler system, that would save lives but clutter the ceilings.

Safety always comes first, so the interior design had to be compromised.

The future of open-plan design needed a new, open-minded solution – this was a light bulb moment for Bob.

By integrating essential ceiling fixtures with state-of-the-art downlights he could create one of the most streamlined lighting solutions in the world – and save lives.

Our Executive Team

Bob Ward

Managing Director & Founder

Ben Bishop

Operations & Marketing Director

Tom Martin

National Sales Manager

Greg Speed

Senior Specification Manager

Ed Stapleton

Projects Design Manager

Dan Smith

Area Sales Executive

Our why

Pioneer & protect – we genuinely care

We are a business that pushes technological boundaries, but it’s the caring, talented and passionate people at the heart of our company that makes us thrive every day. Saving lives is our founding principle, our inspiration for new innovations and our motivation to always maintain the high standards we seek to achieve.

Innovate & inspire – we’re making a difference

We want to give fire safety the superior – not inferior – place it deserves in interior design. To create positive change, challenge the status quo, spark new opportunities, evolve technology, and improve existing systems. We make it smarter, make it safer, and make sure our standout technology always blends in seamlessly.

Shine & support – we always deliver

Our highly ambitious team is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the best quality products with highest standard of customer service. From ordering and installation expertise, to providing technical support, we are always focused, full of energy and here to help.

“Fire safety is a serious subject – but that doesn’t mean the solutions can’t look good.”

Bob Ward MIFireE, Inventor & Managing Director.

Innovation with integrity

Lumi-Plugin continues to light the way. With relentless technical innovation, cutting- edge design, and the tireless motivation to make properties safer, the next generation of Lumi-Plugin was launched in 2020.

Smaller design

Compact downlighting with a low voltage, constant LED beam blends seamlessly into every space.

Sleeker finish

The aluminium, tapered-edge design is easy to install and sits flush to any ceiling, creating the quality finish every interior deserves.

Smarter results

With built-in driver, and even more interchangeable plugins, Lumi-Plugin balances quality lighting, fire safety, and cost efficiency without compromising design.

Technology with humanity

After four years in development, Lumi-Plugin Limited was established and in 2017, Bob launched the first generation of Lumi-Plugin.

Streamlines interiors

Clean and contemporary design, Lumi-Plugin combines LED lighting with various interchangeable plugins to reduce ceiling clutter and improve interior design in any style of property.

Saves lives

A range of life-saving plugins, including smoke alarms, heat alarms, sprinklers, PIR sensors and many more have been developed to fit easily and discretely into the center of each downlight – protecting people and properties is our priority.

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