Infinity, Evening Hill

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Client: Juno Developments

Interior Design: Helen Tawse Design

Completion Date: 2021

Project: 9 Residential Apartments

Location: Sandbanks


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Products: Lumi-Plugin Downlights, Lumi-Plugin + Smoke Alarms, Lumi-Plugin + Heat Alarms and Lumi-Plugin + Sprinklers.

  • 600 Lumens
  • Low Voltage
  • Energy Rating A+
  • Fire Rated 30/60/90
  • IP65 Rating
  • Interchangeable Plugins
  • World’s Smallest Smoke Alarm
  • World’s Smallest Heat Alarm
  • Battery Back-up
  • Wireless Connectivity

The Challenge

To create exceptional waterfront homes in one of the most sought after locations on the south coast.

The Solution

Beautiful simplicity, installation flexibility and wireless connectivity will be essential to creating each unique space. Lumi-Plugin is the innovative lighting solution that can and will provide these homes with them all.

Lumi-Plugin downlights are designed to seamlessly blend in with any interior style. They also allow essential fire-safety fixtures, like Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms and CO Alarms to plug-in neatly inside, so every ceiling will look stylish in every room.

Installing Lumi-Plugin is a smart way to transform each apartment into a safe and stylish new home.