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A2Dominion partner with Lumi-Plugin® to create affordable, safe homes. Together, sharing the same values, we were able to prioritise sustainability and focus on reducing costs and waste throughout the project.


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The challenge.

A2Dominion set out to build a mid-rise development that would create light, modern, and affordable homes for the local community. Safety, cost-saving, and sustainability were paramount.

They needed to partner with the best quality products that use the least amount of installation resources and time – while producing the least amount of waste possible.

Lumi-Plugin® was selected as the most streamlined solution to address all the project’s constraints and achieve the very best results.

The solution.

A2Dominon love our unique product flexibility, wireless connectivity, and interchangeable plugins that accelerate installation. Lumi-Plugin® is designed to use less cabling than other traditional products. That means a streamlined process and easy maintenance with our 100% tested fire safety plugins right at the core – helping to save lives, time, and costs.

All aspects covered.

We take every creative detail and development constraint seriously for every project we partner on. Get in touch and tell us exactly what your project needs – we’ll tailor our approach to ensure Lumi-Plugin® delivers on every single one. Customer satisfaction is always our project priority.

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