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Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) differ from traditional bulbs or tubes in the way they produce light. Instead of passing electricity through a thin wire filament, LEDs light up when an electrical current is passed through a semi-conductor and the is energy released as photon light particles. Lumi-Plugin® is a revolutionary lighting system that combines innovative LED lighting with life-saving plugins.

There are many benefits to LED lighting – here’s our top three:

  1. Compact and contemporary design aesthetic and flexible installations options.
  2. Low-voltage for better energy efficiency helps to reduce environmental impact.
  3. Longer life than traditional bulbs helps to lower running costs.

Lumens measure how much light energy radiates from a bulb. The higher the Lumen value the brighter the light – the Lumi-Plugin®Downlight is 600 Lumens.

Building regulations stipulate that Fire Rated lighting must be installed to ensure any fire is contained to allow occupants time to exit the building safely.

Lumi-Plugin® Downlights are Fire Rated 30/60/90 – tested and proven to withstand exposure to fire for 30/60/90 minutes. How it works: Each downlight is made with vital, intumescent materials; designed to expand up to 40 times in size in order to block any gaps that might let fire escape, and maintain the integrity of the ceiling.

The downlight IP rating indicates the level of protection it provides against solids and liquids. Lumi-Plugin® Downlights have an IP65 rating as standard, making them completely dustproof and water-resistant, and suitable for Zone 1 installation – directly above you in the shower or bath

Beam angle is the measurement of light distribution from its source – the higher the value the wider the light coverage, so fewer downlights need to be installed.

Our original Lumi-Plugin® Downlight design offers a 60-degree beam angle, but our new and improved downlights have a 100-degree beam angle.

With space-saving design and life-saving technology, the Lumi-Plugin® system declutters ceilings and streamline interiors like never before.

Vigorously tested to the highest fire safety standards, Lumi–Plugin® is regarded as the ‘all-inclusive’ downlight that intelligently minimises the disruptive impact of multiple ceiling components that ruin the aesthetics of your property.

Take a closer look at our installation case studies and our YouTube channel to see how Lumi-Plugin® can transform your space.

Lumi-Plugin® offers a guaranteed period for 5 years or 50,000 hours – whichever occurs first.

Yes – all of our LED downlights can be dimmed. The driver we provide uses Trailing Edge Technology. Please ensure your dimmer switch is compatible.

Lumi-Plugin® has successfully tested and linked-up with a number of providers, including Lightwave. If you are looking at a particular system, get in touch and we can advise you further.

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