Lumi-Plugin® and iMist partner to develop innovative fire suppression solution

Lumi-Plugin® – the innovative downlight designed to discreetly hold multiple plugins, including essential fire safety systems – is partnering with iMist, one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of high-pressure water mist fire suppression systems to create a new plugin; one that uses less water to supress a fire, takes less time to install and removes unsightly clutter from the ceiling.

A live fire test was recently conducted at the Fire Protection Association’s Annex C laboratory in Gloucestershire recently to put this new joint venture through its paces.

A Lumi-Plugin® LED downlight was installed with an iMist nozzle, mounted on the company’s standard stainless steel flexible hose and fixed above a plasterboard ceiling. A fire fuel load was then ignited beneath the nozzle, with the heat causing the bulb in the nozzle to burst and activating the iMist high-pressure water mist system. For 30 minutes, fine water mist particles were discharged at high pressure while the fire was adjusted to a variety of heights and positions and the temperatures in the test cell were measured by thermocouples. 

A safe and successful result was reported. The test demonstrated that at no point were any of the Annex C temperature limits breached and the fire was successfully suppressed. It also showed that that the Lumi-Plugin® light adapter was operating correctly before, during and after the live fire test was conducted and sustained no visible damage during the test.  

Alex Pollard, operations director of iMist, commented: “At a time when fire safety is a major concern both within the housing sector and the public at large, it’s vital that forward-thinking companies like Lumi-Plugin® and iMist come together and combine their technology to offer new fire safety solutions. This is a ground-breaking test which we believe is the first time that a high-pressure water mist system has been successfully incorporated into a downlight. This Lumi-Plugin® option combines the water and cost-saving benefits of our fire suppression system in an ingenious application; it is easy and fast to install – and doesn’t spoil the look of a room.”

Ben Bishop, operations director of Lumi-Plugin® explained: “Over the last 6 years, our revolutionary products have become known for their fire safety and energy-saving innovation while uncluttering ceilings and creating streamlined interiors. As part of our ongoing R&D programme, we are continuing to develop additional safety features. We are pleased to be partnering with iMist to offer our customers this latest plugin – it is an important part of our mission to enable them to create safer and smarter properties.”

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