Reimagine lighting.

Uniquely beautiful lighting that uplifts space and keeps homes safe.

This is

Beautiful lighting. Your choice of functionality. Pick your plugin below.

Say goodbye to ceiling clutter.
Say hello to illuminated and beautiful spaces.

Say goodbye to cluttered ceilings.

Streamline your interiors with lighting that integrates your choice of functionality.

  • Our lighting declutters ceiling space by 35%, for beautiful spaces that include safety and smart functionality
  • Achieve a completely modern and sophisticated aesthetic with sleek lighting that disappears into the ceiling
  • The world’s smallest mains smoke and heat alarms. The safety features homes need in one discreet package
  • Uniquely beautiful design that perfectly fits any interior. Achieve your ambitions in absolute style

Designed to detect. Invented to protect.
Your property made safer and smarter.

Advanced protection and prevention in one compact package. It’s lifesaving design. Literally.

  • Fully fire-rated for complete safety in the home:
  • 30/60/90 – Solid Joist
  • 30 – Metal Webbed Joist & I-Joist
  • IP65 standard to ensure long-lasting protection and performance
  • Adaptable and easily changeable for future fits in the home, so the space always meets requirements
  • Third-party accredited by UKCA, CE, BSI, and LIAQA. We’re backed by leading safety bodies

Safety never looked so stylish.

Fast installation means greater flexibility and reduced costs.
Easy peasy.

Installation’s never been so simple.

Our unique lighting and plugins make installation completely straightforward and reliable.

  • So easy. So speedy. Save time, energy, and costs with our quick installation process
  • Reduce labour during first and second fix, saving 3.5 hours per home
  • Lighting design that positions to reduce electrical points and coordinate fixtures considerately
  • Mitigate risks and errors on site with effortless pre-wired installation, all tested and guaranteed for five years

Carbon neutral. Recyclable packaging.
Streamlined production. We’re keen on green.

We’re a proud certified carbon neutral company. Sustainability is in our DNA.

  • Our combined products mean less packaging and a carbon footprint that’s up to 50% smaller
  • 98% of our products and 100% of our packaging is fully recyclable. And we’re working on that 2%
  • With everything in one package, we run up to 50% fewer product containers and less transit as a result
  • Our lighting uses 25% less energy on average, saving on costs while reducing energy usage in homes

Serious about sustainability.

Are you ready?

Homes that are more stylish, safe, and sustainable. Lumi-Plugin® is ready to make it a reality. Discover the products that are right for you.
Together, we can reimagine lighting.

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