Together, Lumi-Plugin® and A2Dominion Group are building brighter futures.

Lumi-Plugin® is now a proud partner of A2Dominion Group Housing Association, supplying Lumi-Plugin® Downlighting with Sprinklers, Smoke alarms, Heat alarms, and Lumi-Plugin® Standalone Smoke Alarms to all future property developments.  
“Lumi-Plugin® is really excited to partner with A2Dominion. Both companies are passionate about creating safe properties and secure and bright living spaces. Houses, homes, lives, we are helping to build and protect them all.” Ben Bishop. Director, Lumi-Plugin®.

Built on shared values
A fitting partnership built on shared values: to create secure homes, safe and bright living spaces, and vibrant communities. For over 70 years, A2Dominion Group has been building and maintaining quality homes in London and Southern England. Since 2017, Lumi-Plugin® has designed and developed innovative product ranges that combine beautiful downlighting with essential fire safety systems that help to streamline interiors, accelerate installation, save lives and reduce the industry’s environmental footprint.

Teaming with benefits
Lumi-Plugin®’s industry-leading technology, design and fire safety expertise will help A2Dominon Group to complete each new home and every future property development on budget and on time.

Lumi-Plugin® streamlines interiors
One downlight. Multiple plugins. Lumi-Plugin®’s modular system integrates intelligent, interchangeable and easy-to-install fire safety Plugins at the heart of every downlight.
Lumi-Plugin® is standout technology designed to be discreet. Even the new Lumi-Standalone alarm range include the world’s smallest smoke and heat alarms to provide every property with discreet and complete fire safety coverage.

Lumi-Plugin® accelerates installation
By combining lighting with fire safety systems, less holes need to be cut into the ceiling. On average, Lumi-Plugin® can be up to 30% quicker to install and reduce the number of ceiling fixtures by up to 50%, creating beautifully streamlined interiors. Plus, each Downlight is already connected to a junction box to enable rapid installation. Lumi-Plugin® is an intelligent system that has the power to reduce overall project costs by up to 20%.

Lumi-Plugin® saves lives
Designed to detect and protect, never distract and detract. Lumi-Plugin® was invented to ensure fire safety always comes before interior design, but it also prevents either from being compromised. All products are tried and tested to exceed the strictest regulatory standards before they leave the manufacturers – all alarms are Fire Rated 30/60/90 and come with a 5-year warranty.

Lumi-Plugin® reduces industry’s footprint
Serious about sustainability, the Lumi-Plugin® design team are developing ways to reduce the impact building industry has on the environment. The Lumi-Plugin® combined product range has already helped to reduce the company’s footprint by up to 50%, compared to traditional products. Lumi-Plugin® uses less packaging – and what they do use is completely recyclable – so there are less boxes to transport and less fuel is needed. And these are just for starters – there are many more initiatives and ideas in development to help every property developer, Architect and Homeowner save installation time, energy, budget, resources – and lives.

Discover more at and for more information on the Lumi-Plugin® and A2Dominion projects please visit our Boston Road and Western Avenue case studies.

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