Lumi-Plugin® wins Housebuilder Product Award 2022

We wanted to fill you in on our latest news – before we get distracted planning the best place to display our new award – our innovative downlight and plugins (LP110) have won Best Internal/Interior Product in the Housebuilder Product Awards 2022.

We’re so proud of our team, the work we continue to achieve, and how the industry continues to show its appreciation. We are looking forward to attending the private winner’s lunch in London, on the 9th of June, but will be enjoying lots of team celebrations locally before then.

To be recognised by our industry, for our high-quality product innovation, seamless, lifesaving design, and ongoing sustainability initiatives, only highlights our dedication to always make things – better. While we’re are secretly hoping that this award will be the first of many, we remain focused on our pledge to continuously innovate and improve everything we offer and what is offered in the industry.

The Housebuilder Awards are the most coveted in the industry. Now in their 18th year, they are renowned for celebrating excellence in all aspects of the sector, including in customer satisfaction, marketing, design, staff development, regeneration, and sustainability. They are also a brilliant way to showcase the best products helping our industry progress – smarter, greener, and faster.

And that’s not all…
As a category winner, Lumi-Plugin® automatically becomes a Finalist for the Product of the Year, Housebuilder Award 2022. Our team are keeping everything crossed until the result is announced later in the year, we will be sure to let you know when we know.

For anyone interested in knowing how Lumi-Plugin® ticked all the boxes to win Best Internal/Interior Product, Housebuilder Product Awards 2022 – here’s a snippet. Please give us a call if you’d like to know more.

Improving build quality
Projects can be completed quicker as the electrical contract has less products to install, less holes to drill, less wiring and so less time on site.

Reducing costs

We offer quality, longer-lasting products with better specification – and our 50,000-hour warranty – for the same price than traditional solutions.

Making homes safer
Our expert lighting design service team ensure projects have the correct coverage of fire safety systems – 100% tested to the strictest safety regulations.

Helping properties sell
Our ‘downlighting solution that saves lives’ is a unique and sought-after design feature that always generates interest from potential buyers.

Prioritising sustainability
When you install Lumi-Plugin® you are choosing a reduced carbon footprint product.We useless packaging – made from easily recyclable cardboard.   

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And, thank you Housebuilder Awards – brought to you by Housebuilder magazine, the Home Builders Federation (HBF) and in partnership with NHBC.

Now, let’s find the best spot to display this beauty.

Welcome to our leaner, greener new home

From Greenham Business Park to The Green Barn – Lumi-Plugin HQ has moved.

Our new office is set in a courtyard of high-quality business units, surrounded by landscaped grounds, open fields, and endless countryside beyond. Purpose built,  open plan and ultra-modern, we are all excited about settling into our new, sustainable space.

Green by name. Greener by nature. Our barn – or Barney as it is now affectionately referred to by the team – is everything we wanted it to be, and more. Being eco-friendly in its design and build was top of our priority list. It is powered by solar energy and an air-source heat pump, so we can now heat our new home with low-carbon efficiency. A great ‘conscious’ decision as it is already helping to shrink our footprint.

As you know, we are always looking to find new ways to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment so we will be sharing lots more sustainability projects and progress with you soon – watch this space.

Why the big move?
There are three very different but equally important reasons why we chose this new location.

Reason 1: One team living the dream – bringing our offices and warehouse – and teams – together under one roof.
Efficiency runs through everything we do – our team, our product ranges, and our company. And now with our warehouse and offices in one location, we are closer to our products so we can collaborate and work smarter.
The team have only had positive things to say, and nicely summed up by Ben, “Not only is this a great move as we continue to grow. It will also enable us to streamline our customer service, better integrate our product innovation teams with sales and distribution departments and seamlessly connect our entire operations.”

Reason 2: Make work feel less worky – creating a feel-good environment with space to expand and evolve.
Wellbeing is important to us. We believe that where we work influences how we work. As we open the doors on our new home, we are excited to start a new adventure and see just how far Lumi-Plugin can really grow. With our newfound freedom we can’t wait to create even smarter products and stronger partnerships – and have fun doing both along the way. 

Reason 3: Do better for everyone – delivering on our brand values and actively honoring our pledge of reducing our environmental impact and footprint. It is our ambition to be carbon neutral by the end of 2022. We understand that keeping our new house in order is just the tip of saving the ice bergs. We are pleased to announce that we now have fully recyclable packaging ensuring minimal waste. Plus, with our fleet of hybrid cars and new charging points ready to be installed soon, we are well on the way to making our ambition a reality.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and giving you ‘The Tour’ soon. Here is our new address: The Green Barn, The Long Yard, Shefford Woodlands, Nr Newbury, RG17 7EH. We’re located along the B400 – exit the M4 at Junction 14. It’s just 15 mins from Newbury and 4 miles from Hungerford.

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Record-breakers. Project-makers. Industry-shakers

We are (unofficially) renaming October to Stockedtober! Since launching Lumi-Plugin Generation 2 – last month was a record-breaker at Lumi HQ.

As nature is slowly winding down for hibernation, sales, interest, and demand for the Lumi-Plugin range has grown exponentially amongst property developers and architects across the nation. We couldn’t be prouder of our team for pulling out all the stops, delivering product expertise and excellent quality of service for all of our prospects, partners and clients.

Thankfully, this year has been a busy one and the months have flown by, we can hardly believe it’s already been a year since we were on site with the DIY SOS team for the Children in Need TV special. We donated Lumi-Plugin Downlights with essential Lumi-Smoke, Lumi-Heat, and Lumi-Emergency plugins to transform the new surf centre in Caswell Bay.

We absolutely love being part of a team that makes a positive difference to people’s lives. Do you? Forgive this not-so-seamless segue, but we are on the lookout for a marketing legend to join Lumi-Plugin – so that’s why we’re dropping it into conversation now. If being our new Marketing Executive sounds like the perfect role for you – or you know someone that would click into our marketing team like a plugin to a downlight – please say:

Hot off the production line (and the other reason for renaming October) we pleased to announce that we are fully stocked up on all plugins in our ever-growing product range – there will be zero product shortages from us this Christmas. And due to exceptional demand from our industry, our One-Range – with the world’s smallest, recessed, mains smoke and heat alarms – is on its way too. We designed One-Smoke and One-Heat to be installed without our downlights to provide every property with space-saving discreet and complete first safety coverage – and the streamlined design asthenic that Lumi-Plugin always delivers.

And, the good news keeps coming. All systems are go! for the latest projects with our partners, A2 Dominion Group. Boston Road and Western Avenue developments are well underway and have received delivery of Lumi-Plugin ready to be professionally installed – we can’t wait to see the finished results. We are also embarking on the River Oaks Homes development at Southdowns Park and have many more projects up and coming. From Oxford to Norfolk; East Sussex to East Midlands; Lumi-Plugin is transforming properties, accelerating installation and streamlining interiors in new homes all over the UK. If you’d like to see the stunning results for yourself, please explore our projects here.

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Welcome back and welcome to the team

‘Working From HQ’ is our new WFH. We are pleased to report that our team are now all safely working from the office – it’s good to be back and amazing to see how much we’ve grown. Thanks to our endless exciting projects and partnerships, our ever-growing list of enthusiastic new stockists, and our continuous hard work through the challenging events of 2020, we’ve recently moved into a new, bigger and brighter space at Lumi-Plugin HQ. Perfectly timed as we establish our ‘new’ normal and welcome some more new faces to the team.

Let us introduce you to two of them: Ed Stapleton, our new Project Design Specialist, and Dan Smith, our new Area Sales Executive.

Meet Ed
Ed knows a thing or two about creating streamlined and safe spaces to live and work without compromising on interior design. He always tailors each proposal to ensure that all project requirements are fully addressed. Bringing to the team a wealth of lighting design expertise and project management experience – all rolled into one. (Talking of rolls – he’s also a big fan of Sushi.) If you love our downlight designs, try our lighting design service and give Ed a call.

Meet Dan
When you need technical, product or aftersales support, Dan is the man at Lumi-Plugin to speak to. Passionate about promoting our products and company values, Dan always goes out of his way to make sure each and every customer has the best product suited to their specific needs. Dedicate to driving sales, this new role fits him to a tee – Dan is also a keen golfer (He’s currently playing off six.) 

Another new-stockist announcement.
Lumi-Plugin is launching with LH Evans. A family run business, founded in 1962, LH Evans offers professional product knowledge, same and next day delivery services and excellent customer service. With over 60 years of electrical expertise, worldwide sourcing capabilities combined with vast stock holdings – and now the entire Lumi-Plugin range in stock too – LH Evans pride themselves on always finding the perfect solution for each customer. They have multiple branches across South Wales and the West – open six days a week – so now it will help Lumi-Plugin to reach new customers further afield and meet supply demand faster.

Find your nearest

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Q&A with Lumi-Plugin’s New Team Member – Dan Smith

Q: Welcome to the Lumi-Plugin team! Can you tell us a little bit about you and your background?

A: Hi, my name is Daniel Smith and I’m 25. I began my career in sales 6 years ago – I really enjoy the energy and buzz that comes with my job, and I believe that the only way to make a positive difference to our industry is by selling ethically. So, I will only get behind a product that I truly believe in. I was previously with Collingwood Lighting and really enjoyed overcoming the challenge this industry presented, from intricate technical requirements to aesthetics. To say I’m excited to be part of the Lumi-Plugin team is an understatement; working with such a unique product and friendly team is a great opportunity.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I’m a keen golfer – although definitely a fair-weather golfer – and I currently play off six. I really enjoy being outdoors so visiting national parks over long weekends and enjoying evening walks around the village are also top of my list.

Q: Favourite food?

A: My absolute favourite meal on the menu has to be a rare fillet steak, but I also love chicken wings and most Mexican food too.

Q: Where’s your favourite place in the world?

A: My favourite place in the U.K. is the New Forest – the donkeys are the best! But, if I’m travelling long-haul, the best place I’ve been to in the world so far, is Koh Samui Island, in Thailand – it has the best beaches.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing at Lumi-Plugin?

A: I’m most looking forward to getting out on the road and showing as many people as possible our unique product range and how it will save them money and time. I know my contacts are going to be really impressed.

Q&A with Lumi-Plugin’s New Team Member – Ed Stapleton

Q: Welcome to the Lumi-Plugin team! Can you tell us a little bit about you and your background?

A: My name is Ed Stapleton, I began my professional career in product design, after acquiring a BSc Product Design (Hons) degree at Bournemouth University. Since then I’ve worked in a diverse spectrum of design fields, from Aerospace and Automotive design to bespoke cabinets and interior design. Over the last four years, I have established my position in lighting design and completed projects for multiple companies in the commercial, retail, theatrical, architectural and residential sectors. I consider myself an agile and multi-profession designer with my sights set on design projects that make a difference.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: In my spare time I like drawing and writing, as well as gaming and streaming. I am also a bit of a movie buff, enjoy cooking and love to keep fit – running, training and challenging myself in Tough Mudder events each year. I also like to do long distance bike rides when I can.

Q: Favourite food?

A: That’s a tough one to pinpoint. I’m a lover of all kinds of food. Taking inspiration from my Italian heritage, I enjoy good quality ingredients and traditionally made meals. If I had to choose then you can’t beat Japanese or Asian fusion – sushi is always my go-to Japanese meal. Love the stuff!

Q: Where’s your favourite place in the world?

A: My favourite place in the world is the New Forest in Dorset, and by far my favourite place to go in the UK. I used to always go camping there when I was younger. Japan is also up there on my list of favourites – I plan to travel there as soon as I can. Tokyo is already on my must-see list and I’d also love to travel all around the country and really get embedded in the culture. Plus, as previously mentioned, I love the food.

Q: What are you looking forward to doing at Lumi-Plugin?

A: Bringing my design expertise to this inspiring company and being at the forefront of the business. I have worked with many lighting companies and have never come across a product as exciting as the Lumi-Plugin. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with the team – working with such an innovative product range – and being part of their journey.

Team Talk: The Power of Partnerships

More than likely, you’ll be familiar with the saying, ‘strength in numbers,’ but it is particularly meaningful when forming strong business relationships and improving your position in the market. Especially as an innovator or start-up. Even though you may be thoroughly equipped with the answers to a wide range of industry problems, lack of brand awareness or established trust within the industry can contribute to your business being overlooked – it’s easier for your customers to follow the masses and play it safe with the day-to-day standard.

Strategic partnerships offer the security and support to bridge the gap and give you friendly leg-up in the marketplace you’re competing in.

The right partnerships for you AND your customers.

Selecting the right partners is critically important. Their brand, vision and offering to their customers should complement the product, solutions & value that you offer. By aligning these goals from the outset, your conversations and offering will go further than ever; granting you the ability to take care of your clients’ wider interests, filling not one but many pieces of their puzzle. The more of these puzzle pieces you can add, the more attractive the overall solution becomes – and the more integral your position becomes. Before you know it, you’ll become the ultimate ‘networker’ – taking every opportunity to add value in areas that you previously wouldn’t have considered.

Until you spend the time engaging with these partners, you may not have the experience and knowledge of the sector to understand why it was important to your client. Take our own business for example – not to ring our own bell, or stand in our own spotlight – but Lumi-Plugin is an incredible solution, designed to streamline interior ceiling spaces of new-build developments and existing properties, accelerate build times by an average of 2.5 hours per dwelling, and our range boasts a whole host of sustainability benefits. We are very effective in our lane, but by partnering with Sustainability Consultants such as Thoth London – specialists in Net Zero Carbon Homes – we are more able to share insights and point our clients in the direction of professionals within the space. Another example is our latest partnership with Lightwave RF – a smart home solution that is high-quality yet affordable. Our partnership give us the power to showcase our innovation alongside a top-of-the-range system that can further boost home automation and improve energy efficiency.

Business to be shared

There is no reason why partnerships shouldn’t be more common in business – there are an abundance of perks to working in this manner. With every partnership comes new exposure. Collaborations are becoming more and more attractive for all parties involved – for all the rights reasons. Associating your brand with another allows for joint marketing and an equal share of the recognition, which helps to maximise reach and ultimately, empowers everyone’s favourite form of recommendation – word of mouth.

Tom’s final thought:

If you have a solid relationship with a partner that you whole-heartedly believe in – almost as much as your own offering – then sharing your connections is the fastest way to generate new, leads, accounts and opportunities that can help both of you reach your potential.

We’d like to thank all of our partners for their ongoing support – we will always keep our minds open to nurturing new relationships moving forward. Tag us if you’d like to talk #TeamLumi.

We look forward to sharing more insights in future Team Talks – let us know if there is a specific area you’d like to know more about.

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Team Talk with Bob Ward

Every building is safe from fire until you put people in it.

Due to several family members serving in the Fire Service, from a young age my chosen path was to follow them, the thought of saving lives has motivated me to work harder, innovate faster and build better, to keep more and more people and properties safe.

After being medically retired from the Fire Service through injury, I founded my first Fire Safety business in 1995. Today I’m proud to say, FCS-live Ltd is thriving, fulfilling essential Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Training, L8 Legionella Assessments, Health & Safety Audits and Fire Engineering Consultancy along with Fire Safety Plans etc, but when I started out in business, I didn’t realise it would be the start of something much bigger. 

Speaking from experience.

It was one particular tragedy that inspired me to find a new way to help protect people from fire and prevent more lives being lost.

Using my experience in Fire Safety, I provided pro-bono support to John Hughes and his family in the lead up to the coroner’s inquest and subsequent crown court hearing.  John had tragically lost his mother and brother in The Penhallow Hotel fire, that also claimed one other life.  The owner of the hotel pleaded guilty and took the plea deal on offer: paying just fines – with no prison time.

Because of this travesty, I am passionate that people need not die in fires because, a) they are mostly avoidable, and b) when they do strike, they should be manageable.

Sadly, lessons are still not being learnt. Another recent example graphicly displayed the loss of 72 lives in the fire at Grenfell Tower, London. A fire that started within a kitchen, that could have been contained by fire suppression. As a Fire Engineer, I believe that if sprinklers had been installed properly the world would never have known the name Grenfell Tower.

Leading by example.

In 2014, whilst working as a Fire Consultant on a design team, for the conversion of an office block to a residential development, a conflict erupted because I had advised that the optimum installation solution was to protect the new, open-plan housing development and its future residents by installing fire sprinklers to provide fire suppression.
The interior designers wanted to prioritise elegant lighting for their minimalistic aesthetics over the installation of an essential – but unsightly – fire sprinkler system, that would save lives but clutter the ceilings. Fortunately the interior design had to be compromised – safety should always, always, always come first.

That lightbulb moment

This meeting led me to think that the future of open-plan design needed a new, open-minded solution and Lumi-Plugin was invented. I wanted to create standout technology that could be designed to be discreet. By integrating essential ceiling fixtures with state-of-the-art downlights, we could streamline interiors, install beautiful lighting – and save lives.

Sprinklers were one of the first innovative Plugins from our range to be launched, closely followed by Fire Alarms engineered to give property developers and homeowners fire protection and peace of mind. We say it’s like having a fire fighter in every room.
I am often asked what happens when all the sprinklers go off and flood the house out. Thankfully, this is a Hollywood myth – only the fire suppression heads directly affected by the fire will operate, and as a retired fire fighter this creates a lot less mess than a fire.

Bob’s final thought:

For less than the price of quality carpet you can protect lives from fire. When building your next development and specifying your Fire Safety systems please remember to ask yourself, ‘What is the true cost of a life?’

We look forward to sharing more insights in future Team Talks – let us know if there is a specific area you would like to know more about.

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People. Product. Projects: Three is the magic number.

Lights are on; everyone’s still working from home, but let’s not dwell on Lockdown III – even though it completes our trilogy of blog articles and is bang on topic.

We’re busy focussing on new ways our team and technology can help to build safer, streamlined interiors and brighter futures. Here’s three pieces of positive news we want to share with you. Firstly, we’d to introduce you to our new Commercial Director.

People: Meet Mike Collett – Lumi-Plugin Commercial Director.
Mike Collett is highly experienced and knowledgeable – he has been involved with building services and lighting, from ideation and concept to delivery, for many years. As CEO & Managing Director of WILA Lighting from 1993 to 2017, Mike brings a wealth of insight and practical support to the Lumi-Plugin vision, and a strategic mindset to ensure both brand and customer success. Want to know which Plugin is his favourite?

Product: Lumi-Plugin launch with Kew Electrical
We have another new stockist to shout about. Lumi-Plugin is now available through KEW Electrical – an independent electrical wholesaler, established in 1996. With a network of 27 branches located in Belfast, Gloucester and across the South of England, from Devises to Dover, KEW Electrical offers a reliable supply of leading brands like Lumi-Plugin.

There’s no stopping us. We have been in production and there’s loads more stock ready to fill all of your specification orders. Why not look up your nearest Lumi-Plugin stockist and get prepped for your next project?

Projects: Central Parade, Western Avenue – A2Dominion 
Here’s the magic we mentioned early. Take a look at our latest case study to see how we are helping to create a light, modern and affordable homes and a thriving new community. We have be working with the main contractor for the last couple of months making sure every plugin is perfectly placed and every aspect of the installation goes to plan.

We are always keen to show you how Lumi-Plugin offers more that beautiful lighting and streamlined spaces to residential properties. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re looking for more information or a little inspiration – our team are always on-hand to support you in any way we can.

Client: A2Dominion – 57 Residential Apartments.
Location: Western Avenue, Perivale, London.
Products: Lumi-Plugin Downlights, Lumi-Plugin + Sprinklers, Lumi-Plugin + Smoke Alarms and Lumi-Plugin + Heat Alarms.

Read our case study here.

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Team talk with Tom Martin

Why is a tough client THE best thing for your business?

In any business, the way to progress and stay on the ball is to constantly seek new ways to improve your offering and the best ways to tell your customers about them.

The difference for any innovative start-up business is they need to do this – but faster. You may have a completely unique product or service that’s never been done before or that challenges the norm and changes the way your industry works for the better. Either way, you’d like an easy ride, where everyone instantly knows and loves your product, right?

Why wouldn’t you? You believe in your offering – it’s your creation, your baby. Even your prospective customers may agree that it’s an awesome solution and say, ‘Why hasn’t this been done before?!’. But don’t be fooled, you still run the risk of becoming ‘stuck in the mud’ if you don’t consider the honest (and sometimes harsh) words from your critics.

The reality is it takes the same hard work and perseverance to push forwards and keep improving your business as it took you to start it. And, that’s why a tough client can sometimes be just what your business needs.

A tough client will ultimately lead to a sky-rocket in your company’s progress by bringing your attention to the flaws in either: the offering you currently have or the way you’ve been delivering your message.

Take Lumi-Plugin for example. We have a totally unique, game-changing product range that has the ability to strip away up to 61% of ceiling fixtures from view in new build developments. Our innovative downlight conceals essential fire alarms, sprinkler heads, emergency lighting and more to remove clutter and create seamless interiors. Genius, right?

Well, back in early 2020, prior to the launch of our Gen 2 product range, with its sleek new design and exciting new features (and way before Covid-19 was ‘a thing’), we started hitting the roads in search of property developers and contractors to share our innovation and vision with.

Our communications prioritised just one USP: the high-quality aesthetics. 99% of the industry professionals we talked to were in complete agreement – they loved it. However, it was the individuals who were harder to convince that made us realise there was a better way. As soon as we began sharing the full range of benefits that Lumi-Plugin offers, a whole new avenue of sales opened up for us.

After some intense meetings with rigorous questioning, which at times felt like an interrogation, we are now equipped with the answers and results to build stronger relationships. We have the facts and stats to back up our statements, the data that proves our superiority over competitors and ultimately, the motivation that keeps us progressing, every day.

Tom’s final thought:
Never run away from the conversations or battles that may not fare well, instead welcome them openly – it’s always good to get a fresh perspective. And, let’s be honest, the person on the other side of the table (or Zoom call, nowadays) might just be having a bad day. Listen to what they have to say and encourage yourself to find a solution – it’ll serve you well for a rainy day.

We look forward to sharing more insights in future Team Talks – let us know if there is a specific area you’d like to know more about.

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